Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are the typical questions at pacific painters we receive.

What type of service you provide?

A: We are one of the best building construction service providers in Sydney. We have been offering the services for more than 30 years and this makes us immensely experienced. Alongside the construction, we also provide building maintenance service that helps an effective building service in Sydney.

Do you do Free Quotes?

A: Yes, we provide no obligation free quotes after inspecting the job. If you inform the job details, we can provide you with the free quote. Please see our free quote section.

What are the areas that you cover?

A: Presently, our service is available in Sydney and the suburbs and we are looking forward to expand our service area!

Why to select you?

A: Building construction has become a very common service in the entire world. Either for new construction or for the maintenance of existing properties construction service is essential and we have been offering the service for more than 30 years in Sydney. We have the most experienced and skilled professionals to accomplish the projects. Considering this, Pacific Building Services is the best company for any building construction task.

How much do you charge?

A: This generally varies as per the project’s size and demand. 80% of our works are on quotation based and our hourly rate varies depending on location and the size of the works. You can get in touch with us anytime to get the details.

Do you have skill staffs to take on big projects?

A: It is one of the crucial aspects of our service that Pacific Building Services has the most experienced and skilled professionals to perform any types of construction and maintenance job. We are one of the best building construction service providers in Sydney and this is possible only because we have the most talented personnel.

Do you provide all types of building construction services?

A: Whether it’s a commercial project or a residential or an industrial, we provide all types of construction services. Our service is regarded as one of the bests in Sydney and all our professionals are very much dedicated to offer the best service to the clients.

Do you take on small projects?

A: We do not discriminate amongst projects. All works are equally important to us and perhaps, this is the reason, we are so successful in our respective professional field.

How do you handle Health & Safety?

A: The health and safety of our staff, clients and members of the public is our number one priority. We always make sure that whatever project we take on, that is absolutely safe for the health of the staffs, clients and others members. Security is the number one priority to us.

Are you fully insured?

A: Yes- we have all necessary insurance required by law, such as workers compensation, Public liability and product insurance and Home warranty insurance. You can rest assured about the full safety of your task.

How do you receive payments?

A: We try to follow the easiest way of receiving the payments from the clients. They can make payments through their credit or debit card or they can opt for bank transfer directly to our company account.